Aloe Morning is a new morning routine that will start your day with energy and intention.

Phase one:
  Brainstorm a unique brand & Create a moodboard

Come up with a product that offers unique experience, with a specific consumer group in mind. Create a moodboard that has the same atmosphere I want to create so that I can refer to during development.

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Phase two:
Create a logo, a color scheme, and some typography choices

Sketch over 30 logos, pick three, and apply colors. For this project, I designed an am logo, all lower cases, for a soft and smooth touch. The am in Mistral looks like a mountain and a person stretching. With the circle, the logo looks like a sun rising from a mountain. I chose this color scheme for a bright, vital, and youthful look, standing for the brand. With the dots and lines as patterns, the visual system stands for energetic and a soft touch for a new way to exercise.

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Phase Three:
Visual System: Look and Feel

I designed a business card, a letter head, and a subway advertise campaign to test the logo and visual system. More is coming for this project.

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Branding Project, 2017

Thank you for going through the journey of my branding project at SVA. If you are interested to see my other projects, please visit my website.